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Friday, April 04, 2008

Investor's Business Daily. . .

. . .has a great editorial up today that shows how much of a problem Obama's arrogance is going to be for him as the campaign moves forward. It's hard to escape the conclusion that he's taken for granted that the press treatment that he's received so far is going to carry on throughout the remainder of his primary fight, all the way through the general election -- should he get that far, which still seems likely at this point.

What Obama clearly doesn't understand is the fact that the international press is going to be far less forgiving of his apparent unilateral streak than are his domestic media handmaidens. They don't operate under that sense of obligation that drives their American counterpart to gloss over his foibles in the name of Hope, Change and Unity in the name of reconciliation (i.e. penitence). They're just happy to watch Americans wallow in it, giggling as American liberals fall all over themselves to say nice things about the handsome young black man with the eloquent and sonorous voice who happens to be running for president.

Of all the weaknesses Obama can't afford right now, arrogance has to be at the top of the list. He still has a formidable primary foe to contend with, and a good segment of the population win over that is somewhat reluctant because of his lack of experience. If he doesn't watch out, people might get the notion that he thinks he's entitled to the job.

Of course, given the fawning coverage he's gotten, it's easy to see how he might get the impression that he's got it in the bag. Coupled with the fact that he's never had to face any genuine, credible opposition in an election before, you have to wonder how he's going to react when faced with the proposition that he could very well lose a race, even with the mainstream press carrying him on its back.

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