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Thursday, April 17, 2008

McCain's flag pin. . .

. . .is the very life he's led. But, for some reason, Mark Nickolas doesn't seem to get that. Here's a hint, Mark: If you spend nearly six years in a POW camp, sacrificing your freedom for your country, that's a bit of a lapel pin in itself.

If you take off your lapel pin with a flourish and declare that your reasons for doing so are because you see it as somehow beneath you to put one on when you can demonstrate your patriotism through your words in ways that no lapel pin could ever express, then you damned well ought to be able to express that patriotism when you're asked about a silly little lapel pin like the ones so many Americans wear every day.

Where's McCain's flag pin? It's stuck in many a liberal craw right now.

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