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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary's "Cling" ad. . .

. . .is pretty weak. As a totally non-professional non-ad guy, I think I could have done better than this:

Frankly, I think using the audio from the speech with subtitles overlaying images of Americana -- small-town churches as people stream in on Sunday morning, Ducks Unlimited-like sunrise hunting scenes, and multi-ethnic groups of blue collar workers enjoying one another's company would have been much more effective. This "man on the street" ad just doesn't really get to the point. Plus, how often does it seem that someone unearths the identity of one of the people who appear in these types of ads and it turns out to be an embarrassing selection?

This ad has absolutely no emotional appeal. It's really just a few people saying the standard fare of political campaign ads. The Clinton campaign missed a great opportunity. But, at least there weren't any phones in view.

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