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Monday, April 07, 2008

When it comes to healthcare. . .

. . .it seems the best people to ask about solutions would be doctors, no? Well, a new national study of physicians did just that, and they came to a fairly decisive conclusion that John McCain's plans for reform stand a much better chance of being implemented than those of either Clinton or Obama.

When Americans are faced with a choice of healthcare reform plans, and are given all the necessary information, wouldn't it make sense to point out the realistic chances of any given plan to actually be put into place? If so, the choice becomes, "Do I want to reform the system, or not?" If Americans decide they'd really rather just hear of bitching and moaning from politicians who will never get anything done, they'll support either Clinton or Obama. However, if, as I suspect is the case, Americans want someone to actually accomplish something in the way of expanding access to healthcare, they'll support John McCain.

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