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Monday, May 05, 2008

McCain's judiciary speech. . .

. . .is being previewed by, so far, Fred Thompson and Sam Brownback according to Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot, who spoke to Brownback earlier today. He provides a little bit of McCain's history on the matter, which ought to serve as a pretty good preview of what to expect, as well.

Of all the complaints that some conservatives have had with McCain, I've always thought that his judicial picks were the ones least based in reality. The Gang of Fourteen deal is slowly winning backers over time, as people come to realize just how bad the logjam in Washington was, and how utterly hopeless the prospects of getting more judges confirmed would have been following the 2006 elections.

Of course, there are activists who will steadfastly refuse to be won over by anything that McCain does. In the end, though, those folks are isolating themselves and diminishing their influence by their intransigence.

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