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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Carl Bernstein's broadside. . .

. . .against Hillary Clinton today is pretty revealing. It not only shares a few intriguing details about the former first lady, but it also reveals a tickle of the truth that those of us on the right have been trying like hell to shine a light on for many years. Now that Hillary is running as the latter-day Scoop Jackson to some degree of success, it seems at least one of her erstwhile media allies feels sufficiently betrayed to stop sitting on a few facts that were, at least according to him, irrelevant up until now.

Meanwhile, Joe Conason is putting on a valiant show of loyalty to who might possibly be the only man in politics who exceeds him in intellectual squalor, longtime Clintonista Sidney Blumenthal. It appears that Sid has been taking heat from his fellow travelers of late due to his legendary ability to fling political scat into the whirring, oscillating fan that is the Beltway press. It's an old habit of Blumenthal's, says Joe, whose countenance never strays from that of an old man in a diner who has just shoveled a spoonful of cold gravy into his gob.

According to Conason, Blumenthal is being tarred in a manner similar to that in which Bernstein claims Obama is, i.e., the guilt-by-association pule that nearly everyone on the left seems hasty to employ these days. It seems that some on the left shouldn't be angry about what Sid Vicious has been sending out in his blast emails so much as they ought to be outraged about the recipients who made use of materials sent out by supposedly other Clinton campaign aides, e.g., The American Spectator and WorldNetDaily.

You see, according to Conason, Blumenthal's communications should have all been considered confidential, since he himself replies to the emails with the occasional "mocking jab" which he didn't feel in any way obligated to report to the public. And, since the people who reported the materials that Blumenthal distributed weren't listed among the intended recipients, Sid shouldn't be blamed for the fact that they reported on them. After all, how could he have known that someone might use the "forward" function upon receipt of such juicy tidbits? (Then again, how does Mr. Conason know that Blumenthal didn't "BCC" these materials to offending journalists like Jake Tapper and Joe Klein? Hmmmm?)

Ah, but this is the world of Democrat politics, replete with all the titillation and slimy associations that it implies. In a just world, this all ends in a Shakespearean flourish, when Barack Obama turns to Hillary, and says, "Come, let's away to prison. We two alone will sing like birds I' th' cage."

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