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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


...has updated Bloggings of a Bald Man with a couple of new entries. Here's a snippet from yesterday's entry on the changing of our times and coarsening of your culture:

Things change slowly. I remember our parents thought the world was going to end over stuff like “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night and the Rapture was imminent over “Jesus Christ, Superstar, A Rock Opera”. But each inch of ground in the field of respect made the next inch easier to lose. It took a while, but 35+ years later we have to have language warnings on our music now. I remember one night at a basketball game, between the JV and Varsity game, the look on the opposing coaches face as the ‘warm up music’ began to spout the occasional profanity. I happened to be sitting on the half court front row bench, about 4 feet from him. He looked at the big boom speakers and then at me and shrugged. I knew exactly what that shrug meant.

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