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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What we know...

...about RathergateRathergate is this:
1. The documents are forged.

2. The documents are faked.

3. CBS ran a story critical of the President based on these documents.

4. CBS News has huge amounts of money at its disposal which is supposed to be used to confirm documents/leads/facts/research.

5. Within an hour, a guy in his pajamas figured out the documents were faked, without having even held the original documents in his hands.

6. The source of the documents is Bill Burkett.

7. Bill Burkett had been in talks with Mary Mapes about the story.

8. Mary Mapes is known to be a very politically active partisan Democrat.

9. Mary Mapes talked to Joe Lockhart about the documents and Bill Burkett.

10. The Swiftboat ads were seriously damaging Kerry.

11. A fourth Swiftboat ad was hitting the airwaves just about the time CBS aired the story about the memos.

12. Joe Lockhart spoke to Bill Burkett about "how to respond to the Swiftboat ads".

13. Now, everyone is talking about Dan Rather's lies.

14. No one is talking about Kerry's Purple Heart exploits anymore.

15. No one is talking about Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War exploits anymore.

16. Andrew Sullivan is writing about Kerry's new war speeches on his blog.

17. The subject has changed.

18. Most other bloggers seem to think Dan Rather is the one running for the Presidency.

Team Clinton: Mission Accomplished


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