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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One more blog. . .

. . .before I go.

James Taranto's Best of the Web is another one of my daily stops on the web. Aside from his selections from Andrew Sullivan's ahem-endorsement of John Kerry, there's also a tidbit about UCLA's Bruin Republicans staging a "coming out day" for campus conservatives, which apparently has frosted the nether regions of the gay faction. Apparently they find it deceitful to label it as "coming out day".

Oddly enough, the little time I actually spent on campus in my years at Southern Illinois University at Carbodale left me with the memory of Blue Jeans Day. As I recall, one of the gay organizations (I think it may have been GLAAD) on campus observed a day wherein students could show their support for the gay rights movement by wearing jeans.

So, I hereby proclaim tomorrow as Bathing Day. You can show your support for MsFalconersCabanaBoy by engaging in some sort of personal hygiene -- a bath, shower, or even just a quick splash of water to the face, a brush of the teeth, and comb through the hair for those who oversleep.

(Obviously, this won't be celebrated the same way in France, where it will be known as Gamey Natural Essence Day.)

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