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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A frightening scenario. . .

. . .painted by an Ldot blogger I wasn't aware of has been posted at Three Rounds Brisk...

I don't necessarily come to the same conclusion, but I find the idea well within the realm of possibility:

Kerry can't give reasons to vote for him, so he attacks. That's traditional - almost reflexive in fact, at this stage of Democrat campaigns. They don't have another DUI story, the ANG line has been flogged to death, and this damned economy hasn't crumbled in the face of $55.00 a barrel crude. This does have all the hallmarks of an October surprise. Did Kerry's people bother to ask themselves why they got handed this story now?

Syria's Assad knows that he's on G.W. Bush's to-do list for the next administration. He also has an ambassador in that august body. Not too long ago he had a non-voting position on the security council. He also hosts Hamas and Hizbollah in downtown Damascus. The U.N. knows that coalition access to Syrian dumps, and the Bekka Valley in Lebanon, will answer a whole lot of questions about Iraq's WMD programs.

Another tip of the hat to a longtime Ldotter for this one.

UPDATE: Added Three Rounds Brisk... to the Ldotter blogroll.

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