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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Just one more reason. . .

. . .why NRO is so high on my list. They're currently having a symposium on that most sacred of potables -- sweet, sweet beer.

As for my taste, I have two favorites; one import, one domestic. I know it's kind of a cop-out -- like having both a favorite National League and American League team, but I do that, too. So, at least I'm consistent in my flip-floppery. But I digress. . .

Import: Newcastle Ale. There's a bar in the next county that serves pints, and I always have to have one or two when I'm there.

Domestic: Miller Genuine Draft. Hands-down.

When I'm down at my local watering hole, the bartenders know to pull another one out of the cooler when my bottle is half-empty. That way, the whole "half-full/half-empty" question is obviated, and I get to be the eternal optimist.

UPDATE: Ldotter OregonMuse (Reply #23) gets a hat tip for his link to a classic Jonah Goldberg piece in defense of Budweiser.

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