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Friday, October 08, 2004

One more thing. . .

. . .if you notice some Kerry ads on there, I've been adding their addresses to the URL filter as I see them come up. But, I got to thinking. . .

See, the DNC and Kerry's campaign are paying for those ads, and if I get paid for the clicks they get, that means I'm getting some of their campaign money. And that's money that won't be spent elsewhere. So, I'm indirectly profiting from the Kerry campaign, even as I oppose it. That's not an altogether unpleasant thought.

I'll just hold off on adding more for a while, but will start again if they seem to become too prevalent. In the meantime, you could maybe make a game of it. Call it "CabanaBoy's Pizza on Terry McAuliffe," or "Redistribution".

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