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Monday, November 22, 2004

I got taken. . .

. . .in by the "buzz" over the rules change, I have to admit. That's the tricky thing about trying to be a reasonably objective, mainstream conservative blogger. I sometimes suspend the healthy cynicism and skepticism I have toward politicians when those politicians are on my side of the isle.

And, given the press that Tom DeLay has endured over his career in the House, it wasn't hard for me to come to the conclusion that something was amiss in the rules change -- without ever really questioning the possible motives of the people on both sides of the aisle. It never occurred to me to ask if perhaps there were some forces within the House Republican caucus who might be willing to stir the pot in order to weaken DeLay's hold on the Majority Leader spot.

And, let's face it. . .you don't get a nickname like "The Hammer" among your peers without frosting a few buttocks along the way.

So, I hereby eat my initial words on the matter, and plead ignorance. Next time, I'll do better. Promise.

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