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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Just added. . .

. . .yet another long-time Ldotter's blog to the blogroll. Fai Mao's Sandbox belongs to veteran Lodtter Phil_hk, and is an interesting, well written blog from an Ameircan expatriate in Hong Kong and I heartily recommend it.

"Some of the articles I've read said they were tired of dealing with all the “Christians” and the context of the sentence clearly implied that they thought Christians were evil people. I'm not going to challenge their assumption. Not because I necessarily believe they are right but because I can say that unless you go someplace like Northern Europe it doesn't get any better. I am also assuming that if they think Christians are bad they will think that the Buddhist here in Hong Kong who burn phoney money to the gods of the underworld so that they can have good life the next time around are also rather depraved. Indeed, the good-land Buddhism as practiced here with it's evil spirits and thousands of gods to bribe so that your stay in purgatory between incarnations is shorter makes the Southern Baptist look good."

Welcome aboard, Phil. Glad to have you!

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