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Monday, November 08, 2004

Ldotter Aussiegirl. . .

. . .has a great piece that dovetails nicely with my most recent take on the election results, over at Ultima Thule. It appears we both seized on the same idea. . .and I feel I find myself in good company.

"It's too easy for them to sieze on the "morals" issue and the perceived power of the evangelical Christians as the excuse for losing so badly. The real truth is that the Republican party is now the majority party, which embraces a wide spectrum of views, people from a variety of income, education and religious backgrounds. I'm listening to Laura Ingraham's show and a caller just wanted to tell the democrats what a typical Bush voter was. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a doctorate, a Jew and a moderate on social issues. Reagan's big tent Republican party is now a reality, and George Bush and Karl Rove have been patiently building a "new" Republican majority for years, patiently and steadily."

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