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Saturday, November 06, 2004

And they thought we were crazy. . .

. . .with the Clinton Death Lists and Y2K/Martial Law theories. The Dems have got to find a way to get back in touch with the reality that mainstream America sees. The stories of depression, and now, public suicide show the depth of the hatred that the DNC has cultivated for the President among its members, and it's reached an undeniably dangerous level.

Between this and the attacks on various GOP campaign headquarters across the country, and vandalism right up through the day of the election, the signs of a dangerous trend are emerging, and they need to be dealt with now, for the sake of the nation. Unless the Democrats act responsibly and immediately, the violence will grow. And, if there's a lesson to be taken from September 11, that's it.

I can't say enough how much Michael Moore and Hollywood-in-general's current obsession with "radical chic" can be faulted for this. Middle America, where the votes are, is very much opposed to globe-trotting agents provocateurs like Moore, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, etc. using their home-grown fame and fortune as international megaphones for their disdain for the President. And now, thanks to the blogosphere, the Not In Our Name folks' words are never more than a couple of clicks away from nearly every household, kiosk, public library, and workplace in the nation -- including flyover country -- again, where the votes are.

Incidentally, some polling outfit should see how many southern Democrats who voted for President Bush say they were influenced in some way by Zell Miller. I suspect the number might be surprisingly high. And, I hope the Democrats aren't smart enough to nominate him in 2008.

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