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Friday, November 26, 2004

One of my favorite. . .

. . .posters at Ldot -- Aussiegirl -- has updated her blog, Ultima Thule. I've been making a point of reading Aussie's posts at Ldot for some time now, and they are unfailingly well thought-out, and clearly written.

This entry is one that is near to her heart, and she is extremely well-versed on the situation -- the democratic struggle in the Ukraine. Any reader who wants to know what isn't being reported, or even considered, in the MSM would do very well to read this piece. . .and check back regularly.

"Another extremely welcome sign is the latest news that major television media have broken with the government and have stated that they are joining the protests and are refusing to put out the government lies any more. It is a little known fact that there has been a completely clampdown on the media inside Ukraine for quite some time, and that Kuchma and his gang have been involved in numerous murders, beatings and intimidations of uncooperative journalists and opposition candidates. Yushchenko himself, has been the victim of two attempted assassinations, one involving a car-accident (a time-honored KGB method), and another, more recent one, which involved poisoning, for which he was treated in a foreign hospital. Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement, who has also stood for office, was also nearly killed in a near-fatal staged car accident last year. She bravely carries on today."

Keep an eye on Ultima Thule as this unwraps to keep up with the latest, most important developments.

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