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Friday, November 26, 2004

You may be asking yourself. . .

. . ."What's the deal with the picture of Dari Alexander? I thought he was Ms. Falconer's Cabana Boy." Or, I suppose you could be asking yourself, "Who the hell is that? And who the hell is Ms. Falconer?" Well, I'll try to explain to the uninitiated.

"Ms. Falconer" is the former Molly Falconer, a strawberry blonde pot of blood-boiling, seething. . .financial reporter for Fox News Channel's Your World with Neil Cavuto

She is now Molly de Ramel, having married a Frenchman. This has forced me accept the tragic fact that there will be no interludes down at the cabana between Molly Falconer and myself.

So, I have moved on to Dari Alexander. Not that Ms. Alexander is by any means a "second choice". She did arrive some time later than Molly did. And, I distinctly remember thinking at the time (and perhaps even commenting about it on Lucianne.com), "It's a good thing Dari didn't come along any sooner. Molly would have some real competition on her hands."

So, how come I don't change my name? Well, after all this time it's become an institution for me. And, changing my name to MsAlexandersCabanaBoy or DarisCabanaBoy is a really big commitment -- one I'm not sure I'm quite up to just yet.

And, besides. . .I'd have to get my driver's license, checks, credit and Social Security cards changed. It just seems like too much of a hassle at the moment.

So, now the object of my obsession is Dari Alexander. And, it feels so right this time.

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