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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

While Googling. . .

. . .I decided to see what results popped up under the "Similar pages" link for the Pajama Pack result. One of the pages was titled "The World According to Bill Fisher," and it contained this gem from November 2. Here's a pinch:

"In the past almost four years, I have come to fear almost everything the Bush administration does. In one way or the other, it has harmed, perhaps irreparably, virtually every aspect of American life. From raising the acceptable arsenic levels in water (a little arsenic is good for us all) to logging and snowmobiling in America’s formerly treasured parks, to ripping apart the bill of rights and trampling it underfoot, to using the threat of 'terrorist' attacks for political gain, to going to war on a lie and not just spending our money outrageously but being responsible for—and proud of—the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers, the maiming of thousands more (a deep and dirty secret) and the slaying of thousands (but who’s counting?) Iraqi civilians. All of this and much, much more literally keeps me awake at night, sick with fear and worry."

Notice Taranto's proverbial scare quotes for the word "terrorist".

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