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Friday, November 19, 2004

See you in the funnypapers. . .

. . .dirtbag.

The Washington Post has finally had its fill of Ted Rall -- and not a moment too soon. I guess it finally dawned on the Post that everybody in the country can now see their editorial comics, and not just folks in the Beltway, as it was back in the Dead Tree Era. Being in large part a clearinghouse for DNC talking points, I'm guessing it finally dawned on them that they can't be effective as long as people like Rall expose the disdain for America exhibited by so many liberals.

For some strange reason, Middle America isn't inclined to vote for people who view it as a vast preserve of drooling idiots. And, let's face it. . .if you're a liberal right now, that's exactly how you feel. I know. I remember how I felt when Bob Dole lost, though it didn't come as a shock, as Kerry's loss apparently came to many of his supporters. (I do wish conservatives were as good at convincing ourselves of certain victory, though.) But, I didn't let the fact that I lost drive me to loathe nearly half of my fellow Americans. I accepted the fact that my vision of America hadn't been articulated well enough for the average voter to agree with it, and examined my priorities as a conservative.

During the Clinton era, conservatives seemed to have some kind of paralysis that wouldn't allow them to put their best foot forward. A good deal of that was due to the set of leg irons that the Democratic spin machine had placed on mainstream conservatives that tied them to Timothy McVeigh and the "militia movement". The constant chorus of "extreme, right-wing, radical" coming out of the DNC blurred the line between mainstream conservatism and right-wing reactionism was effectively blurred in the public eye so that Rush Limbaugh had been equated with Hitler and Timothy McVeigh a footsoldier merely carrying out orders.

Yes, there were strains of conservatism that was utterly convinced that the Y2K scare was a Clinton administration ruse being used as a pretext to establishing martial law in the US, making the Clintons would-be dictators, staging the most beautifully engineered coup ever devised. And, yes, there are self-described conservatives out there who believe in the existence of a government weather control machine. The difference is that conservatives see their fringe elements as a source of embarrassment. Liberals elevate them to positions of prominence, and give them film awards.

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