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Sunday, December 12, 2004

A fairness injection. . .

. . .always helps in cases where someone is being pilloried, as Defense Secretary Rumsfeld can no doubt attest these days. Sure, Sec. Rumsfeld handled the question about as poorly as it could have been handled. But, given the facts as spelled out by Georgia Senator-elect Johnny Isakson, the problem isn't nearly as pronounced as some in the media would have us believe.

"August of last year, the insurgents changed in their tactics. We were producing 15 armored vehicles a month. We're now producing 450 a month," Isakson said.

He said the military no longer asks guardsmen to bring their own vehicles to the fight because they are not well-equipped. When Georgia's 48th goes to Iraq in May, they will be using vehicles that are currently undergoing the $1.2 billion program of armoring.

"Now, one day late and one soldier lost is too much and too short but I think the Pentagon is on track and it's not a resource problem," Isakson said.

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