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Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's a Kentucky thing. . .

. . .you wouldn't understand, unless perhaps you're from North Carolina, or maybe Indiana. Time stands even more still than normal in the Bluegrass State state today as the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Louisville Cardinals in an intrastate basketball rivalry that will likely result in spilled blood and loose teeth in more than one sports bar. If you're from North Carolina, this is the equivalent of the Blue Devils vs. the Tarheels, with bragging rights and first-born children on the line. If you're from Indiana -- well, first you have to pretend you still have Bobby Knight -- but, imagine the Hoosiers vs. the Boilermakers with chainsaws.

My prediction?

UPDATE: Final: Kentucky 60, Louisville 58 in overtime.
Great game, all the way around, and Kentucky showed a lot of heart.

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