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Sunday, January 30, 2005

You may notice. . .

. . .that the picture over in the sidebar has changed from what was a photo of me clutching my rapidly balding pate to one of a martini glass. This came about as the result of an email I received from a dear friend, in which she pointed out that the other picture was depressing.

Now that I think about it, I guess it did have a pretty negative vibe to it. Though, at the time I decided to use it, I thought of it more as a quasi-artistic statement about the idiocy I see in the media -- as in, "clutching my rapidly balding pate in utter disbelief at the idiocy I've just witnessed."

In any case, I have blondie to thank for her help in making the image that sits in the old one's place. I think it's a much better artistic statement, and more fitting in the overall demeanor of this blog. Clink!

So. . .

You may be asking yourself, "Where the hell have you been, MFCB?" Or, you may be asking yourself, "Oh! Has it been a month already?" Be that as it may, I'm not exactly sure what I've been doing all this time. For the most part, it seems like I've been simply trying to settle down and find a groove.

You see, I'm not "time management" people. I tend to let the time manage me. That is, I don't try to budget out my life in fifteen or thirty-minute chunks. I tend to allow events to overtake me, and figure out where I can find a groove amid the aftermath. This takes a while, but has always seemed much less frustrating to me than looking at a daily planner every hour, or so, and watching an entire week blown to smithereens by one unforeseen event. I don't handle such things with aplomb.

Now, it's a matter of shaking off the rust that has built up over the past month of not writing anything, outside of a few posts at Lucianne.com. For me, that's a big challenge, given my past bouts with writer's block. I have to rediscover my writing voice, and then convince myself to stop waiting for the muse to strike. That's pretty much what this blog entry is about. No doubt, the next few days will have a sort of stream-of-consciousness feel to them, as I grasp and grapple for things to say.

So, if there's a change in the tone, or things seem a bit inconsistent for a while, please bear with me. I'm just getting back on the bicycle and am in the process of re-learning some skills that I didn't have much of to begin with.

Thanks for all your patience.


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