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Monday, February 14, 2005

Yesterday. . .

. . .was a red letter day for me. If you'll take a look at the images below, you'll see a couple of Letters to the Editor from my local newspaper. Well, the one titled "Left-wingers have exaggerated abuses at Abu Ghraib prison," is my response to the letter above it, which was published a little over a week ago. Mine appeared in yesterday's paper, and it's the first time anything I've written has been published. It's also the first time I've ever written anything for publication, so I have to feel pretty good about that.

Unfortunately, my local paper doesn't carry letters to the editor in its online edition, and what sections it does provide online require a subscription to the dead tree edition in order to access. So, I was forced to scan the individual letters and post them as images, which doesn't make for easy reading. My apologies for any eyestrain which may result from attempting to read them.

If you'd like to contact the paper in which the letters were published, just to let them know that I'm the greatest writer ever, and that they should allow more online access to their content, all you have to do is go to The Paducah Sun and contact the Assistant to the Publisher. However, bear in mind that the paper was kind enough to grant me permission to post these letters, provided I made it clear that the opinions stated in them were solely those of the writers, and not to be construed as an endorsement by The Paducah Sun, its editorial board, nor any of its advertisers.

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