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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here's a few links. . .

. . .that might be of interest. I'll be adding them to the respective blogrolls for future reference. The first is one that I've been meaning to post for quite some time, but have always had trouble relocating the URL until it finally dawned on me to Google the site's name.

Technically it's not a "blog," but Politics & Friends is more an off-site community for Ldotters looking for a place to chat among themselves, which is something that's not permitted on Lucianne.com itself. It's a fun bunch of people, many of whom have been posting at LCom for years. Way back when I was struggling to lose a considerable spare tire before my 15th-Year class reunion (which was cancelled due to the stroke of brilliance that led someone to schedule it for July 3rd), the folks at P & F provided me with a lot of support and some great ideas that helped me to lose what must have been 20 lbs. (I didn't use a scale -- I think they're discouraging.) There's really no limit on topics, except for the bounds of decency. Though, there is some ribaldry and occasional rakish humor. The point is that it's fun. Stop by and pay them a visit -- and tell 'em MFCB sent ya. Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Some have noted that the link to Politics & Friends leads to an ad. I should have pointed out before that this is Delphi's way of paying for bandwidth and storage costs. If you'll scroll down to the bottom of the ad, you'll notice a choice of links -- one of which is "No thank you." Clicking that will lead you straight into the forum. Sorry for the confusion. Now click it, would ya?

Next is a blog titled Homocon, which was kind enough to link to my most recent post on the latter day monomania of Andrew Sullivan. It seems it's not just the straight conservatives who find Andrew's laser-like focus on all things gay a bit tiresome. Homocon manages to cover a fairly broad spectrum of topics while being gay and conservative. Until recently, scientists thought this impossible and had completely abandoned the idea. But recent advances in perspective have produced a good deal of clear thinking among some segments of the gay right -- to which I say, "Welcome to the blogroll!" Or, as Andrew would say, "Gaygay gay gay, gay!"

Finally, Brad of Bradsblog was kind enough to stop by and give me a little praise, so it seems only fair that I should add him to my blogroll as well. I went over and checked it out. It's a lot like this blog in that it doesn't seem to cover anything in particular -- taking a scattershot approach. I've always found these types of blogs to be the most entertaining, which is why I take that approach myself. Brad does a nice job of it, and I hope you'll give him a click or five.

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