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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tavis Smiley wants to contribute. . .

. . .to a more intelligent, inclusive national dialogue. He apparently thinks that such dialogue is missing from today's public airwaves, and feels that the Center for Public Broadcasting can provide it with the help of "folk" like himself. In fact, Tavis seems to want to abandon the whole notion of ideological balance, calling instead for diversity in this piece appearing in the Washington Post.

Aside from the utterly asinine assertion that he is neither liberal nor conservative, I find it most ironic that Smiley would deem himself fit to call for more intelligent, inclusive discussion on television. After all, it's been several years, but I distinctly remember watching him on one of the mid-day political chat shows on CNN, appearing with Michael Reagan discussing a topic I don't recall, wherein he took a cheap shot at Ronald Reagan's condition, mocking his ability to remember things.

It showed me forever what a classless dirtbag Smiley really is, and ever since, it's been no secret that I would have quite a chuckle should his body someday be found beneath the wheels of a garbage truck.

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