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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A wonderful illustration. . .

. . .of the point of my previous post appeared on The Corner at NRO this morning. Jonah Goldberg makes this observation:

Corner Catch-Up

Man, you guys have been rough of John McCain in my absence.
To which Mark Levin responds thusly:

You Wrote the Book on It

Jonah writes, "Man, you guys have been rough of John McCain in my absence." It's the liberal fascism thing that concern some of us about his record and candidacy, Jonah.
And that is precisely the kind of idiocy that begets this kind of idiocy in an email to David Freddoso:

And then there's the other approach to McCain...

Why publish such intellectual contortions for supporting a McCain who in reality would be a national disaster which would even neuter conservatives from any ability to blame the disaster on the opposition when it would inevitably come to pass? Come November I'll vote worst leftist on the ballot if McCain is GOP candidate, so it is clear to the American people who produces the national trainwreck.

UPDATE: Now, K-Lo laments the divisiveness of it all:

"Sad," Indeed

Huckabee, forever the uniter.

The upshot, of course, being "What an awful, awful thing to say about Simon LeRomney."

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