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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hannity needs to listen. . .

. . .to Jack Kemp. He has ceaselessly complained about McCain's vote against the Bush tax cuts, completely ignoring the fact that he actually voted for the final budget resolution that included the tax cuts, along with a cap on discretionary spending. It was only after the spending cap was eliminated that McCain began his protest.

So, what does Hannity focus on after that? Well, of course it was the class warfare rhetoric that McCain employed in his opposition to the final budget, calling it too tilted toward the rich. Yet, Hannity conveniently ignores the fact that not only did President Bush use similar rhetoric in his first run for the White House when he decried "balancing the budget on the backs of the poor," he was running interference in the process for a man who once labeled Steve Forbes's flat tax proposal a "tax cut for fat cats".

If some conservatives were really concerned about trying to draw John McCain to the right, rather than trying to kneecap him heading into the general election in order to extract their pound of flesh, it seems to me they would have railed against some of the other candidates as much as they did McCain.

On top of all this, we have Kathryn Jean Lopez over at The Corner imploring Bush 41 to "Be a Uniter!" and stop using words like "absurd". It's awfully hard to take these pleas seriously when you've got folks like Hannity out there doing their damnedest to see to it that there's no unity.

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