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Sunday, February 24, 2008

It takes a hell of a lot. . .

. . .to make me sympathetic to Ralph Nader, but watching the recent PBS documentary, An Unreasonable Man, managed to do it. The way the left turned against him after the 2000 elections and throughout the 2004 elections is one of the more shameful things I've witnessed in politics.

While I can't think of a single area in which I agree with Ralph Nader, the fact of the matter is that he is the very embodiment of all that the Democrats supposedly stand for. In 2000, there were a lot of high profile liberals, particularly in Hollywood, who believed as much and they proudly supported him in his bid.

However, when it turned out they could plausibly blame him for Al Gore's loss that year, they gleefully turned on him as if he were a child molester in the penitentiary's general population. People who, just four years prior, had spoken of him in the most glowing of terms were suddenly spitting his name out of their mouths as if it were rancid tofu.

To say the least, I'm gratified by his decision to stick it to them once again, and I hope he uses it as an opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of his erstwhile supporters in Hollywood who so readily sold their souls to John F. Kerry, Inc. in the 2004 election.

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