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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The just desserts. . .

. . .are being wheeled in on carts for Limbaugh right now. First, the New York Sun dares to take the heavyweight cham-peen of talk radio to task for his apostasy. Then, Michael Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard comes flying off the top rope with an elbow-drop.

On Iraq, and more generally on the war on terror, McCain has never wavered in fighting for complete victory. As Bob Dole put it yesterday in a letter to Rush, McCain has put this country's security first "whatever the cost." Indeed, McCain has repeatedly said that he would rather lose this election than lose the war. Apparently for Rush and some other conservative opponents of McCain, it's the other way around. They say a victory by Clinton or Obama will, in the long run, serve the party and the conservative movement. Apparently they'd rather lose the war than see John McCain win this election.

Exactly. What Rush and Coulter, among others, are doing is putting what they believe are the interests of their party ahead of those of the country. It is, indeed, disgraceful.

Looks like some on the right have come up with a different kind of hand gesture to say "Thank you" to our troops.

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