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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things are shaping up. . .

. . .beautifully for John McCain right now, due in no small part to his handling of the Obama phenomenon. While some conservatives groused about his supposed "mistreatment" of Bill Cunningham in the wake of his comments where he repeatedly referred to Sen. Obama by his middle name, he certainly looks like a virtual paragon of virtue compared to the Hillary supporter who is apparently running around in an "Osama for Obama" t-shirt.

By the time the two Democrat rivals are through with one another, they're both going to be extremely damaged goods, facing an electorate filled with independents who will have come to realize that the two of them represent the same old politics they've deplored for so long, and the final result will leave one half of the Democratic base with an extremely bitter taste in its mouth.

Best of all, by then, John McCain will be the one person in the race who hasn't done a thing to so enrage the supporters of the losing candidate. Not all of them -- perhaps not even a majority of them -- will cross over to vote for McCain. But, a very significant portion of them will, and that will spell doom for whichever candidate emerges victorious from the extremely bloody fight we're about to witness.

(Sigh) Please let this summer last forever. . .

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