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Friday, March 14, 2008

Twenty years on. . .

. . .Barack Obama finally decides it's time to reconsider the propriety of some of his pastor's sermons. I don't know about anyone else, but this strikes me as a little late in coming. Actually, it strikes me as pure duplicity. To have your marriage performed, children baptized, home blessed, and political career supported by a man whose church you have attended for two decades indicates a pretty high level of esteem for him. It's hard to imagine anyone going to the same man for all of these services while harboring the degree of anger and outrage Obama professes at this late date.

This would be an entirely different story had Obama simply met with Jeremiah Wright on a few occasions to solicit his political support and perform community outreach to his parishioners. But, Obama clearly invested a good deal of his spiritual and political life in this man, having stayed in the fold for two decades.

There simply is no defending Barack Obama in this matter. And, anyone who insists on doing so is going to look foolish beyond redemption, or worse. To expect the people to believe that these statements are somehow unique in a career spanning nearly forty years is to demand the kind of idiotic credulity from the public that destroys the very basis upon which Obama has presented himself to it. After all, if we are to swallow this obvious piece of putrescence, is there anything under the sun we wouldn't just as readily swallow provided it was wrapped in the shiny bow of hope and change?

A letter to the editor of The American Thinker puts this very succinctly:
"Barack Obama either agreed with what was preached from the Trinity pulpit, or he tuned it out and stayed around pretending to for political reasons. To say he stayed for 20 years but doesn't agree with Wright's preaching is incredible denial. It'd be like a man buying White Sox season tickets for 20 years, attending the games, and saying he's not a fan."

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