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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Captain Ed at Hot Air. . .

. . .raises a point about something that has been needling at me for a while now, but that I just hadn't been able to crystallize.
Also, as I wrote last week, I’d rather the candidates quit asking for apologies for offenses against themselves and instead used the offenses as legitimate fodder for campaigning. McCain’s no victim in American politics, and demands for apologies send the wrong message. Let Rockefeller’s words stand in testament as to what leading Democrats really think about our military.

I couldn't agree more. I've come to the conclusion that apology demands are almost counterproductive, and that the best course of action in response to the sort of breathtakingly insipid statements uttered by Obama surrogates of late is to simply say that they are an affront to decent Americans, a stain on the political process, and an outright slur against loyal American service members who are sacrificing everything in response to their nation's call to duty, and if Obama wants to be associated with those kinds of sentiments, then he should be prepared for the ugly consequences such words bring about.

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