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Monday, April 07, 2008

Keep an eye on the faces. . .

. . .of Obama and Clinton tomorrow, when Gen. Petraeus gives his testimony, and see if his words don't elicit a disappointed reaction. Hillary will still be living with the stupidity that caused her to, in so many words, call the general a liar by claiming that it would require a "willing suspension of disbelief" in order for her to lend any weight to his remarks. Expect Obama to spend his entire time making a statement, rather than engaging in the kind of question-and-answer session one would expect of a statesman interacting with the highest official in theater responsible for the exercise of our military force on the ground.

Expect them both to cling to the moronic mantra that we are seeing no political progress as a result of our efforts there. But, before then, be sure to familiarize yourself with this post from Rich Lowry, over at The Corner. It is truly a gem, and puts the Dems' endless defeatism in perspective.

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