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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Imagine Hillary drinking beer. . .

. . .like one of us regular folk!

Well, she did it last night in Crown Point, Indiana at a place called Bronko's restaurant. Not only did she drink a beer, she downed a shot of Crown Royal and ate a slice of pizza. I wonder if she asked for the Crown Royal bag to hang over her rear view mirror. That would have picked up some authenticity points. It's always the little things, Hillary.

Her transformation from empowered, cosmopolitan woman on the world stage to Good Time Charlene at your local saloon has been nothing short of miraculous in the wake of Obama's patronizing remarks about the great unwashed to his Marin County meal tickets. At the rate she's morphing, all Obama would have to do is be seen driving past an art gallery and Clinton will be trading in her black pants suit for a pair of Carhartt coveralls and a can of Copenhagen.

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