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Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright's P.R. blitz. . .

. . .has got to be giving Barack Obama a very serious case of indigestion right now. I'm not talking about a Maalox moment. I'm talking about a full-blown bleeding ulcer in need of surgical intervention. Like Jim Geraghty, I think Wright may have sunk Obama's campaign with his loose cannon antics over the past three days. He also speculates along with some of his readers that he may be setting Obama up for a Sista Souljah moment, which is plausible, though I'm a touch skeptical.

It would be the most idiotic time to try and pull a dangerously cutesy move like that, given how close the North Carolina and Indiana primaries are, both in temporal and polling terms. He's already given Americans a major address on race relations and missed the opportunity to put sufficient distance between himself and his pastor -- err, former pastor -- with it. There's really no way that he can top the favorable coverage that he received from that outing. Any attempt to repeat that performance would not only be anti-climactic, the message would be muddled by the ongoing debate over Wright himself.

The best thing Obama can hope for right now is for Hillary to suffer a bout of alcohol poisoning while out downing shots with the great unwashed, and for John McCain to be somehow tied to that polygamist sect in Texas. And, at this point, the degree to which even that would help is dubious.

I would caution any conservatives who happen to be walking the streets of San Francisco for whatever reason to be on the lookout for falling liberals. This could very well turn out to be Black Monday.

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