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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Notice to Ldot Bloggers!

I have set up a new email account specifically for mail generated by this blog. If you can, please remember to send your emails there. It will help me to keep my messages organized and to reply in a more timely fashion.

And, once again, thanks go out to blondie for the gmail account and the invite!

And thanks to all the Ldot bloggers who've shown interest!

UPDATE!: blondie has informed me that she has a few invites for Ldotters who would like a Google email account. They're great accounts with a full Gigabyte of storage for your emails, and I just love mine. I have a few invites to give out, as well. So, if you're interested, just email me here.

It's first-come, first-serve and supplies are limited, so act NOW!


UPDATE II: Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the link to the invitation page on my Gmail account -- something I probably should have checked on before posting the announcement. I've gotten lots of requests, and I wish I could fulfill them. Unfortunately, my web browsers just don't want to cooperate.

I'll post a message as soon as I figure out the difficulty, and I apologize for not being able to follow through on my offer.

UPDATE III: Sent out my last gmail invitation. If I get anymore, I'll post a message! Enjoy, all!

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