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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A bit more libertarian. . .

. . .than myself, but invariably an interesting and thought-provoking read, Wolfgang von Skeptik's latest also explores the impact of gay marriage and other social issues on the elections, and comes to some similar conclusions -- albeit via a different route.

"I have been close enough with enough gay people over the years, particularly in Manhattan but also even now here in Washington state, to recognize that there is a tiny gay and lesbian minority who does indeed despise heterosexuals with the very same intensity of venom racists direct at “uppity” minorities. Hence – and very sadly – I can think of no other explanation for Sullivan’s ongoing invective. Especially given the fact he himself is one of a minuscule number of Bush opponents who have actually troubled themselves to analyze the post-election data – data that shows conclusively the (presumably gay-bashing) Amen Corner of the electorate made up only 22 percent of the President’s majority. In this sense it appears Sullivan is no different from Jane Smiley and Maureen Dowd – so blinded by hatred, he seems to reflexively assume all of us who pulled the Bush/Cheney lever did so because we are dangerously violent sociopathic cretins."

There's not a whole lot of ambiguity lingering at the end. either.

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