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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

One little mouse. . .

. . .brought this blogger's work to an abrupt halt last night. While typing up a blog entry, my computer suddenly started to freeze and act up a bit, so I decided then would be a good time to reboot. Unfortunately, when I did, it didn't load my mouse drivers. Since it's an old computer with lots of little eccentricities, I wasn't too alarmed, so I rebooted again. And again, no mouse. Just a little white arrow sitting in the middle of my screen like a Soloflex at Michael Moore's house.

I tried again several times, jiggling the connector -- which has always been the universal strong medicine for my computer woes -- but to no avail. So, I decided to set it aside for the night (to give the vein in my forehead a rest) and take another look at the (insert string of expletives here) in the morning.

I used the remainder of the evening to finish the last half of "Kill Bill, Volume II", which I had fallen asleep while watching the night before -- and almost all of "Catch Me if You Can", which I fell asleep while watching last night. I'll finish it sometime today.

When I awoke this morning, somewhat refreshed, I made a pot of coffee, put some cat food in The Cheat's bowl, gave him some of the chilled water I use to make coffee, and rebooted the computer once again while I went about what passes for a morning routine in my life. Still, the mouse pointer sat there, immobile as the youth vote. With that, I went to my computer boneyard and extracted an old mouse to hook up.

Unfortunately, it was just a plain, old-school-type ps/2 mouse. I'm used to using a Marble Mouse, and if there's anything to know about me, it's that I don't like a whole lot of change in the comfort zone that is my computer. I've already gone from a great ergonomic keyboard to being forced to use an old, clunky one from a Compaq that must have come with Windows 95. That was traumatic enough. I must have my Marble Mouse.

After eyeballing the connector closely, I noticed that one of the pins had been bent somehow. I suspect it happened while I was rearranging things to hook up a sound system to the computer so I wouldn't be forced to wear headphones in order to listen to music while blogging and surfing.

And so, all is well in the cabana. Fair skies and red states as far as the eyes can see. Here's hoping for a more productive day, today.

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