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Sunday, November 28, 2004

So, I'd just walked in. . .

. . .from helping a friend who was having some car trouble (managed a diagnosis, but no repair) and started reading some emails that had come in from fellow Ldotters interested in being blogrolled and a few readers with kind things to say. As I'm going through, I find an email from Ldotter Manyata who, to my astonishment and glee, turns out to be a blogger whose RSS feed I subscribe to -- baldilocks! I've been reading Manyata's posts, as well as her blog, for quite a while now, and I couldn't be more pleased to add her to the Ldotter blogroll. A hearty welcome to baldilocks!

Also, I've added the blog of another longtime Ldotter who is known to have engaged in legendarily long discussion threads on religion, matching wits with one of Ldot's resident atheist provocateurs. His blog won't score any points with the civil libertarian set, but I'm not so sure that's his intended audience. Nevertheless, Engraved-on-His-Hands has been an intelligent, thoughtful poster at Ldot for a long time. And there's plenty of room in the blogosphere for those with strong religious convictions and the gumption to stand up for them.

Also, I've added a new link to the non-Ldotter blogroll. Sweet Eagle thought enough of the blog to be interested in a link, and I'm more than happy to oblige. She's new to blogging, and isn't fortunate enough to have received posting privileges at Lucianne.com yet, so give her some clicks.

Thanks to all, readers and emailers alike, for your time and interest. It's much appreciated, given all the other web sites you could be giving your eyeballs to at any given time.

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