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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome to the blogroll. . .

. . .Conservative Canes Corner. I know there's at least one Ldotter participating over there who posts as futrfysician.

Give him some clicks. He's good people. The blog looks great, and promises to be a great read.

On the shooting of the wounded terrorist in Fallujah:

"the Left and their media minions have now made this young Marine their poster boy for U.S. atrocities. Here, we would remind these hypocrites that a few short weeks ago, they were doing all in their power to support John F. Kerry's campaign for the most powerful office in the world. This would be the same JFK who received a Silver Star (with and erroneous "V") for chasing a wounded Vietcong combatant (described as a young boy in a loin cloth) around a hutch and shooting him in the back.

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