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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Local Moonbat Sighting

After finally getting my computer back up and running, and catching up on a few links I generally keep tabs on, I stumbled across a link to The Paducah Moon. I wonder if I can talk him into changing the title to "The Paducah Moonbat"?

Essentially, it's a repetition of your basic left-wing, pinko talking points with a slightly more overt socialist tinge. Note the following passage, which could very well have been copied and pasted from Fat Mike Moore's own blog:

"Almost all media that reach a large audience in the United States are owned by for-profit corporations--institutions that by law are obligated to put the profits of their investors ahead of all other considerations. The goal of maximizing profits is often in conflict with the practice of responsible journalism.

As news outlets fall into the hands of large conglomerates with holdings in many industries, conflicts of interest inevitably interfere with newsgathering."

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