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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ever thought about. . .

. . .John Boehner, from Ohio's 8th District as a potential Veep pick? The guy certainly seems to me to be a solid choice. He's got decent name recognition among Republican voters, is known as a fiscal disciplinarian, and has a lifetime ACU rating of 93.6%.

I know a lot of people think the logical choice would have to be a governor, but a look a the Republican Governors Association web site reveals a real paucity of candidates with regional and ideological appeal.

Just something for the folks with much bigger wigs than mine to consider.

UPDATE: Full disclosure: I called Boehner my dark horse candidate for '08 way back on November 22, 2004

UPDATE II: And with stories like this coming down the pike, it seems to make good sense to have a guy like Boehner as a Veep pick. He has a good biography as a business man and party loyalist, and has a history as a corruption buster. Seems to me it would be tough to find a better match for McCain.

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