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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For an abject Clinton flak. . .

. . .Lanny Davis can be a remarkably stand-up guy. I recall a point during the President's first White House run that he came to George W. Bush's defense when his integrity was called into question, though I can't remember precisely what the issue was. (Perhaps someone can refresh my memory?) Davis even defended Sen. McCain against the famously scurrilous charges raised in the New York Times not so long ago.

Today, he's doing everything he can to warn Democrats about what's to come should Barack Obama secure their nomination. He will be roundly criticized, as he has already been, for pointing it out. But, the fact remains that Jeremiah Wright is a problem for the Democrats that, despite their wishful thinking to the contrary, won't go away unless Obama makes a much more forceful denunciation of him, and addresses some very tough questions for which there are no good answers. Davis makes a very valid point in the following graph.
Attacking the motives of those who feel this discomfort about Senator Obama's response or nonresponse to Reverend Wright's comments is not just unfair and wrong. It also misses the important electoral point about winning the general election in November: This issue is not going away. If many loyal, progressive Democrats remain troubled by this issue, then there must be even more unease among key swing voters – soft "Reagan Democrats," independents and moderate Republicans – who will decide the 2008 election.

There is apparently a congenital defect in the vision of some Dem-symp talking heads that precludes them from recognizing an albatross when it is dressed in a dashiki. Somehow, Lanny Davis has managed to overcome this disability. Perhaps he had corrective surgery at some point before Hillary quit paying her staff's health insurance bills.

Whatever the case, Davis knows what he's talking about here. Unfortunately for the Democrats, many who suffer the aforementioned visual disability also lack the ability to detect sounds that fall within the frequency range of common sense.

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