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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary's big day. . .

. . .begins with coverage of her husband's little spat with a reporter, which will likely stir up the hornet's nest that is her base, causing them to turn out in overwhelming droves. Meanwhile, Barack Obama uses the opportunity to flop the race card, which is likely going to further alienate the already weak and dwindling support he has among working class whites.

On the same day, both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times decide to run pieces on John McCain that, should the Democrats decide to run with them as talking points, will backfire badly.

One wonders if Tom Shales can bestir himself to decry this journalistic malpractice in even the mildest of terms. I understand that he can't be expected to open a vein over the repeated underhanded depredations of the media on a Republican presidential candidate, but you'd think he might be able to wag a finger of admonishment at his fellow belligerents for their utter lack of honor. After all, the man unleashed a screed on his compatriots for asking questions of Barack Obama that were based in readily discernible fact. It seems only reasonable that he, or maybe even someone more qualified to comment on political coverage than a style columnist, take the time to assess the treatment given to someone other than Obama once in a while. Reasonable, perhaps. Conceivable, no.

As a conservative, I learned long ago that to hope for even-handed coverage of my preferred candidate at the hands of the left-dominated Washington press corps was an exercise in futility and disappointment. Consequently, I've come to rely on the fact that, by and large, the public understands just how blatant the bias is. Now, it appears that the Clinton campaign is getting a taste of life as the redheaded stepchild of the liberal media establishment. Of course, it took the arrival of the new leftwing messiah to relegate her to the status of gum on the sole of the media shoe, but at least it's now so glaringly obvious that half of all Democrat voters are now getting to see it in all its sycophantic glory.

One good thing that will come out of this election is the fact that many Democrats will have cause to consider the fact that the same folks who so cavalierly doled out derision on Barack Obama's primary opponent are the same folks doing it to John McCain. They've now witnessed how the game works once the media have their man. And they've witnessed how Obama's media allies will respond when one of their own strays from the pack the way George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson did. The reaction is, well. . .


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