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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

McCain's disability pension. . .

. . .has come up as an issue in a Los Angeles Times article I linked in my previous post. The fact that a paid professional journalist believes this is an avenue worthy of inquiry is, to me, indicative of just how desperate Obama's backers in the press are to shepherd their charge into the White House.

It's also a sign of the sickening depths to which purportedly objective reporters will sink in order to undermine their golden child's opposition. The way this particular item is constructed, there are only two conclusions the reader can come to: either John McCain is unfit for office due to the injuries he suffered in service to his country, or he is unfit for office for accepting the pension to begin with, since he is capable of hiking in the Grand Canyon.

As much as I hate to harp on one subject over a series of posts, I can't help but wonder if, in asking Barack Obama to explain his relationships with an unrepentant terrorist and a radical black liberation theologian, and the rationale behind his refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin, journalists do a shoddy, despicable disservice to the political process, just what in the hell would you call the LA Times piece?

In a world of my creation (and let's all thank God this one isn't), Ralph Vartabedian would be answering a few questions while hanging from broken and re-broken arms. And I doubt seriously that he'd give me very many unsatisfactory answers.

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