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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wright's Press Club appearance. . .

. . .seems to have stirred a bit of controversy, huh? And not just the content, but the way in which he found himself there. It appears that Barbara Reynolds, a Clinton supporter, is at least partially responsible for greasing the skids to get him behind the podium, according to Ben Smith at Politico.

Apparently, it wasn't the first time she'd tried to get him a spot at the National Press Club -- having attempted to get him a speaking slot there a couple of years ago, only to be rejected. But, now that the reverend has become "newsworthy", Press Club president Sylvia Smith managed to make room for the anti-American cleric and bane of Barack Obama's presidential aspirations.

Apparently, Barbara Reynolds and Rev. Wright go back a ways, at least with regard to one another's work. Her name popped up in an article that Wright penned for Trumpet magazine (the circular for Wright's church) back in 2005. Here's a link to a downloadable .pdf file of the article. Of course, this doesn't prove, or even suggest collusion between the reverend and the Clinton supporter. But, if I were Obama, or a member of his campaign, my eyebrows would be chasing my scalp over the top of my head right now.

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