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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just added...

...three new additions to the blogroll, and am proud to list them.

First, there's TheOldenTimes.com from Ldotter P51Mustang which, while technically not a blog, is an Ldotter's website, and that's close enough for me. Besides, geneaology is one of the more popular areas of study for which the internet is used. Who knows? You could be a ketchup heir, too!

Next, there's Ldotter Victory's NoPajamas.com, which launched at about the same time this one did, and with the same purpose in mind. Here's Victory's take on something that I've always found unseemly, but never gave enough thought to put it in pixels:
"I'm watching Fox News this a.m. and they're talking about the latest atrocity beheading by the Al Qaeda murderers in Iraq of an American, and when they show his picture, it is the shot of him blindfolded and captive of his eventual murderers. Isn't this WRONG? I mean, shouldn't they honor the man's memory, his family, and his humanity by at least showing a shot of him they surely must have in better times without the evil bastards' blindfold covering his eyes? Isn't that how any of US would want to be remembered--as we really were, not as prisoners of murderers?"

And finally, there's Beautiful Atrocities, from Ldotter anglosaxon510, AKA Jeff. I'd read his list of various bloggers' attire a couple of days ago, while I was in the middle of a self-imposed crash course in html code, and laughed so much I forgot to go back and link to it. It's a great read, and comes highly recommended from this blogger. Welcome to The Pack, one and all!

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