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Monday, November 29, 2004

Just added. . .

. . .two more Ldotters to the blogroll. The first is The Kaitlyn Mae Book from PatFish, who is an experienced and respected blogger, having worked with fellow Ldotters Kitty and Brain Death over at Kerry Haters where, together, they scooped the world on the Christmas in Cambodia story.

Also, I've added AirForcePundit, which is the labor of Ldotter DCcane. It's a blog dedicated to a love of our military personnel and appreciation for what they do -- with slight favoritism toward Airmen.

Also, you might want to click in with a "Word of the Day" suggestion, now and then:


So all of the liberals around the world have four years to ponder their ignominy. And that reminds me, hopefully this blog will help me to improve my vocabulary."

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