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Monday, November 29, 2004

What a day. . .

. . .yesterday turned out to be! I won't get into the nitty-gritty numbers, but it was the biggest day so far. Several blogs were added to the blogrolls, and I got some kind, supportive comments, which is always nice.

Any readers who would like their blogs added to one of the blogrolls are encouraged to either email me, or let me know in the comments on this thread. If you're an Ldotter (someone who posts messages at Lucianne.com), include the name you post under at Ldot, so I can put that in the little tag that pops up when you hover your mouse pointer over the link.

If you're not an Ldotter, just leave your URL and I'll assume you go on the non-Ldotter blogroll.

I'll be updating throughout the day, but tonight is laundry night, so blogging will be light through the night. I also have class tomorrow morning, and I won't be home to blog until later tomorrow evening. Then, I'm meeting a friend later tomorrow night and probably won't be home until the wee hours.

I will do as much as I possibly can with the blog in what free time I have, however. So, by all means, check in from time to time.

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